Xigmatek reveals new dual layer HDT cooler called the Aegir SD128264


Xigmatek has introduced an interesting new addition into the CPU cooler market.

The Xigmatek Aegir SD128264 incorportes a single tower design with two 120mm white LED fans in a push-pull configuration with speeds between 1000-2200rpm and a noise level of 20 Decibals. The cooler weighs 630 grams and measures 120 x 120 x 25mm (W x H x D).

The most interesting  thing about the cooler is its design feature. This cooler is what Xigmatek calls a DLHDT cooler, which means Dual Layer with Heatpipe direct touch. Instead of using the normal HDT design where heatpipes directly touch the CPU base, Xigmatek has gone one step forward and added another two heatpipes that directly touch the 4 heatpipes (2 8mm and 26m) below it. This should improve effeciency over the normal HDT design since heat will be transferred much more quickly through the 4 heatpipes and some of it will be off-loaded to the 2 heattpipes above it. However nothing can be said about the performance until the cooler gets some reviews.

The cooler supports, LGA 1366/1156/775 and AM2(+)/AM3 sockets. Pricing has not bee revealed yet.