Xiaomi Shows Off A Teaser – Is The Mi Note 2 Inbound This Quickly?

Xiaomi Shows Off A Teaser – Is The Mi Note 2 In Bound This Quickly?

Xiaomi has decided to get us even more excited for the upcoming Mi Note 2, and from the looks of it, a teaser poster might give away clues that the upcoming smartphone’s release date is not far from now.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Teaser Image Given Below – Expected To Feature A Chipset Faster Than A Snapdragon 820

If you glance at the teaser image given below, you can see that there is a football field blurred in the background, suggesting that the upcoming phone is going to be a large phone and will be better than the rest. The number ‘2’ suggests that the company could be unveiling two flagship phones quite soon, but we are not so sure that the number ‘5’ represents. Maybe our readers’ eagle eyes will be able to tell with more insight as to what those numbers mean.

As for the specifications of Xiaomi Mi Note 2, it is said to sport a phablet form factor with a 5.7-inch screen size, which is the same as the original Mi Note. While the base model of the smartphone is rumored to feature a Snapdragon 820 coupled with 4GB of RAM, the highest configured model is going to be packing a powerful Snapdragon 823 and 6GB of RAM.

Let us hope that to conserve battery life, Xiaomi does not go down the same route as OnePlus 3 and incorporate a tweak that fires up apps slower in order to provide more talk time to the user. Speaking of battery life, a 4,000mAh is going to be present inside, and while it will be smaller than the massive 4,850mAh present inside the gargantuan Mi Max, it will still get the job done.

Mi Note 2 (2)

One of the biggest highlights of Mi Note 2 is that it is rumored to feature 256GB of UFS 2.0 internal storage, which delivers higher read and write speeds compared to the eMMC standard. One other addition that we could be seeing from the handset is an ultrasonic fingerprint reader.

For those that don’t know, an ultrasonic fingerprint reader is said to be more accurate and blazing fast compared to a standard fingerprint reader incorporated in modern day Android handsets. As far as the rest of the specifications and design goes, we do not believe that Xiaomi is going to be investing too many resources in the matter.


Just like Mi5, Mi Note 2 could sport a 3D ceramic chassis, a metal frame, a front and rear glass panel, and we could see the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor placed into the home button. One of the biggest highlights from an affordable smartphone was a 16MP shooter that featured an OIS chip and featured the ability to record 4K videos at 30FPS.

What clues have you been able to figure out the upcoming Mi Note 2? Let us know your thoughts immediately.


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