Xiaomi Mi5 Gets Listed Online With $599 Price Tag And Snapdragon 805

Things seem to be moving pretty fast in a lot of areas when it comes to mobile devices in 2015. One of these involves the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi who rose to fame last year with the launch of its Xiaomi Mi 4 smartphone, which was a device elegantly designed yet not too heavy on the pocket. Xiaomi is already preparing for a successor to the Mi 4 however and the device will be with us pretty soon. Only yesterday the Xiaomi Mi4S surfaced in an poster which showed the device with some pretty impressive bezels. Today we have more to add on to that, as the Mi4S has been listed by an online retailer.

mi5Next Xiaomi Flagship Gets Listed On Online Retailer - Xiaomi Mi5 (4S?) Coming With Snapdragon 805 On Board.

Online retailer oppomart has listed the next Xiaomi flagship on its website. Being dubbed as the Xiaomi Mi5, the device is listed with a Snapdragon 805 on board. The Xiaomi Mi5 using the Snapdragon 805 is all the more believable now since the device can be expected to be launched by the manufacturer on January 15th. Qualcomm's latest, the Snapdragon 810 is facing production delays reportedly and the SoC won't be available for mass production this month. The device also has a price tag of $599, which should be less when the device is sold directly by the manufacturer.

Other specifications for the Xiaomi Mi5 listed online include a 5.7 inch QHD screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1440. This will be supplemented by a 16 MP rear camera and a more impressive 8 MP front camera. The Xiaomi Mi5 will also include support for 4G LTE-Fdd bands. The device is listed with an impressive 3600 mAh battery, that should ensure that the QHD screen does not prove to be that much of a burden. RAM for the Xiaomi Mi5 is equally satisfying, with the device having been listed with 3GB of RAM on board.Internal storage will be 16 and 32 GB for the Xiaomi Mi5. It will also come running Android 5.0 based on Xiaomi's own MIUI based operating system.

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