Xiaomi Introduces a New Quad Waterfall Display Concept Smartphone with All Screen and No Ports


Xiaomi is no stranger to innovation, and we are all aware of that; the company is known for making some of the most head-turning smartphones, and while not of them are as practical, it still goes to show that the company has got it. Whether you are talking about their affordable Poco sub-brand or their more expensive Mi smartphones, Xiaomi has you covered. The latest innovation from Xiaomi comes in the form of a concept smartphone with a new quad waterfall display, as Xiaomi likes to call it, and a port-free design. Yes, you have heard it, Xiaomi has apparently done something that Apple will be doing in the future.

The New Quad Waterfall Display from Xiaomi Makes Me Anxious But Excited About the Future of Smartphones

The company decided to announce over on Twitter and shared some pictures with us, along with a teaser video. Of course, you are still looking at a concept smartphone, so we are not sure if it is ever going to see the daylight, but the fact that something like this exists out in the world only makes us wonder what more could we achieve with the technology at hand and technology to come.

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Needless to say, the phone does look a lot more interesting than I initially thought, and more importantly, it looks even better on video. Xiaomi was kind enough to share a teaser video of the phone that shows the device from all angles. You can check out below.

Now curving glass is not possible, and you can thank physics for it, but Xiaomi did find a clever way to make this work. They shared how they made the 88-degree curve possible in the first place. This is what the company has to say about how they made it possible:

Since flexible displays are part of the new normal, the biggest challenge in producing the industry’s first quad-curved waterfall screen was not in bending the display, but rather in manufacturing a 88° quad-curved glass panel and the 3D bonding process.

The 88° ultra quad-curved glass has virtually broken through the technological limits of glass production. Compared with ordinary curved glass, the difficulty of hot bending increases exponentially. Polishing a piece of such hyper-curved glass with a deep 88° bend on four sides requires self-developed glass processing equipment, hot bending under 800°C high temperature and pressure, four different polishing tools and up to more than ten complex polishing procedures. More importantly, behind such a piece of glass are thousands of attempts

To attach such a piece of 88° quad-curved glass to a flexible display, an innovative screen stacking design was adopted through our breakthrough 3D bonding process. All of this ensures perfect and flawless screen performance.

You can read more about Xiaomi's approach here.

In addition to that, another impressive thing about this device is the port-free design. While I am not sure how the world will react to that, I am all for it. Considering how blazing-fast wireless charging is now a thing, and headphone jacks are a relic of a time gone by, making a port-free smartphone makes more sense at this point than it would have a few years ago.

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Xiaomi is confident with the route that they are taking:

The shape of the display is a crucial factor in determining the smartphone form of the future. With Xiaomi’s new breakthroughs in quad-curved waterfall displays, new possibilities are forged and critical advances are made towards the goal of a truly port-free unibody smartphone.

This revolutionary design ensures that almost all sides of the phone are covered by the display. Thanks to 46 self-developed patented technologies, physical ports and buttons can have their functions replicated by more elegant alternatives. Groundbreaking technologies and engineering solutions – including ultra-thin piezoelectric ceramics, an industry-first flexible film display acoustic technology, third-generation under-display cameras, wireless charging, eSIM chips, pressure-sensitive touch sensors, and more – are seamlessly integrated together, forming a visionary yet intuitive device.

It should not come as a surprise that this is one of the most impressive concepts that we have seen, and even though we have no idea if this will ever make it to the public, but if a thing like this exists and is possible, then I am all for it.