Xenoblade Chronicles 3 New Mods Improve Level of Detail and Depth of Field and More

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

New Xenoblade Chronicles 3 mods that have been released online improve the game's visuals considerably, further improving the game's emulation on PC.

The new mods, which have been developed by @theboy181, improve the level of detail and depth of field, resulting in much better visuals. Previous mods released by the developer allow users to disable scaling, remove motion blur and outlines, and they can all be downloaded from GitHub. You can also check out how the game can look on PC with these mods and a 60 FPS work-in-progress mod in the videos below shared by Great on Deck.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3, like its predecessor, is limited by the Nintendo Switch hardware, so emulation, even in its current state, is the only way to go to enjoy the game's stunning landscapes fully. Despite its visual issues, however, the third main entry in the series developed by Monolith Soft. is a game worth experiencing for all JRPG fans, thanks to a gripping story, unique combat system, and excellent open-world gameplay.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is now available on Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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