Xbox Series X Features Most Complex SoC For Gaming Consoles Ever; Multiple CPU Clusters With ARM and x86 Cores – Rumor

By Francesco De Meo  / 

The Xbox Series X is going to feature the most complex system on chip for gaming consoles created so far, according to a recent reveal.

Twitter user @blueisviolet recently discovered on the LinkedIn page of an AMD SOC development lead that the Xbox Series X is going to feature a complex SOC that will consist of multiple CPU clusters, with multiple CPU cores in each cluster using both x86 and ARM cores. The SOC also uses the latest 7nm technology process.

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Unfortunately, there is no way to verify the information directly on LinkedIn. Searching on the AMD page on the website leads to a private profile whose location matches the one seen on the screenshot, but there is no way to connect with the profile. As such, we have to take what has been revealed today with a grain of salt. Some recent statements revealed in a Major Nelson podcast did mention that Microsoft is leveraging the bleeding edge technology from AMD, so the information revealed today is definitely in line with previous reveals.

The Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 console are scheduled for a 2020 release, but analysts think that the two next-gen consoles may be delayed. According to DFC Intelligence, the COVID-19 pandemic is going to have a major short-term impact on the delivery of both systems.

Coronavirus is likely to have a major short-term impact on the delivery of both systems. There is a strong likelihood one or both systems will not make a 2020 launch. If the systems do launch, supply will likely be constrained and initial pricing could be higher than expected.

Currently, the economy is in an unprecedented state of uncertainty. Even if the situation clears up in a few weeks, the ability to manufacture and release a high-end new game system has already been severely impacted.

The Xbox Series X is scheduled for a late 2020 release. More information on the system will be coming next week, so stay tuned for all the latest news.

(Thanks MK for the tip!)

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