Latest Xbox Live Ad Boasts That The Network Won’t Let You Down


In the latest weeks, Microsoft pushed heavily to deliver the message that Xbox Live is the "fastest, most reliable gaming network anywhere" due to the continued investments in improving the infrastructure.

This happened right as Sony's PlayStation Network kept giving issues to people worldwide. The latest Xbox Live ad is yet another stab at Sony in this weak spot.

Starring former Buffalo Bills & Seattle Seahawks NFL player Marshawn Lynch, the ad states: "Play on the network that won't let you down". Microsoft is referring to an independent market study conducted by IHS Markit between June and July 2016; you can read more about it on this page.

The full report provides the following insight on testing methods.

To obtain an accurate representation of the consumer gaming experience, testing was conducted in both a
controlled lab setting as well as in the field to mirror the real-world environment where gamers live and play.
The games tested included five of the most popular multiplatform online titles with matchmaking capabilities from May 2016 that were available on both platforms. The consoles used for testing were Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Testing revolved around three specific categories: Reliability, Speed, and Overall Quality. All three categories, in turn, involved a total of 10 scenarios tested multiple times. Reliability, for example, included test scenarios on the login process and matchmaking.
Data was then collected during each scenario via network tools and through video or audio coding. For scoring results, testing employed the measure known as JND, or Just Noticeable Difference. JND compares the waiting periods between two groups to determine if there is a perceivable difference in waiting times to the gamer, with the JND score representing the minimum amount of difference needed to differentiate between two stimuli.

What do you think of this Xbox Live ad? In your experience, is it true that Microsoft's Xbox Live is faster and more reliable than Sony's PlayStation Network? Let us know in the comments.