Best Xbox One Games So Far

Fahad Arif

Microsoft’s Xbox One has been launched and many players have already finished most of the launch titles. The console has many exclusive and multiplatform games and all of the games are enjoyable. Microsoft has made great efforts to enrich the gaming experience on Xbox One with console exclusives. Below is the list of best Xbox One games yet

The Best Xbox One Games So Far – With Short Reviews

When Microsoft first introduced Xbox One, the console was emphasized as a living room system with TV as its most prominent feature. The manufacturer did not stress gaming during the marketing of Xbox One, this made the console look like a media player first, gaming console after. Many gamers were annoyed by such attitude of Microsoft and so, since the announcement of Xbox One, the console has remained in continuous criticism.

Microsoft eventually realized that Xbox One should be a gaming console first, TV and other media features come later. The manufacturer started to boast games for Xbox One and it managed to prove that Xbox One has the best games. Xbox One was released with a strong launch lineup, containing almost all the basic types of games. Here are some best Xbox One games so far with short reviews.

Forza Motorsport 5

Turn 10 Studios left the competition between Forza and Gran Turismo series in dust this time with their latest effort for Xbox One, Forza Motorsport 5, a game that has jaw-dropping graphics. The game is developed exclusively for Xbox One. Forza Motorsport 5 focuses on ultra-realism, this makes the game stand out in the racing game genre.  Forza 5 features highly enhanced graphics and smooth menus. The game is definitely the best yet in Forza series.

Forza Motorsport 5 has everything that a racing game should encompass, from highly detailed cars to long tracks and photo-realistic environments, the game completely hypnotizes the player to only look at the screen. The game only features 200 cars from 50 manufacturers, much fewer than its predecessor, Forza 4, which had 500 cars. However, if you look closely, you will see even minor scratches on body of the cars or if you try exploring your car’s interior while it is parked in garage, you will see the threads woven into the fabric of car’s seats. This is how real the cars look in Forza 5, it could make your eyes roll.

Drivatar is one of the best things that Turn 10 Studios brought into Forza 5. It is a collection of your driving style and reaction to different situations that game learns as you race forward. Every player has a personal Drivatar and it could be uploaded to cloud. Players can then play against Drivatars of other players, this changes the whole experience of the game. You are no longer bonded to play with automated computer characters in single player, all thanks to Drivatar.

The introduction of micro-transactions in Forza 5 has stained the game. Mostly free-to-play games use micro-transactions for in-game purchases but $60 AAA Forza 5 needs real money for most in-game purchases. To buy a car in Forza 5, you either should have millions of credit that is earned from races or you should have tokens that are bought by real money.

Forza Motorsport 5 is perfect in many ways, stunning graphical quality, smooth playability and user-friendly menus. Although the biggest misstep by Turn 10 Studios is introduction of micro-transactions in the game, it looks like the whole game has been tailored to earn money. If you keep this inevitable issue aside, rest of the game is very immersive.

Ryse: Son Of Rome

Crytek is already very well known for developing good-looking games and yet here we have one more game with stunning graphics from the developer. Ryse: Son Of Rome is Xbox One exclusive game. The game has been getting much attention after it was announced as a launch title for Xbox One, this is apparently because Ryse is a different type of game with a story that goes back to ancient times when Roman empire ruled over the world.

Apparently, Ryse: Son Of Rome is Microsoft’s reply to Sony’s God Of War. The player steps into the sandals of a Roman soldier named Marius Titus who sets out on a mission to save the falling empire of Rome and to seek revenge for the murder of his family. Fighting against brutal barbarians and working to save his empire, Titus quickly climb ranks to become the general of Roman army and the protector of Emperor Nero.

Historical content of the game is highly inaccurate but that matters little. The game features gorgeous graphics and highly detailed structures and environments. Ryse is truly a leap from current-gen (or I should say, the previous-gen). The sheer amount of detail and depth makes Ryse the best looking game in the whole Xbox One launch lineup. Cytek has done very well in developing an ancient world but the gameplay is not as superior as the game’s graphics. Ryse lacks variety of characters and weapons. Enemies that you fight are pretty much all the same throughout the game.

Combat in Ryse is very penetrating and immersive and Crytek has enhanced it even more with health, focus, XP and damage boosts. The level of detail in the combat is also very enhanced. Attack, counters, shield blocking and brutal executions are all properly created and detailed. The game is full of quick time events. You can also team up with your mates in the Gladiator Mode of the game. Killing and slaughter is very strong-styled and shows the real strength of sword fights, blood and gore adds more to the killing making it look more realistic. The game also makes a good use of Kinect’s voice recognition, you can order your army to fire arrows or change formation to march forward.

Ryse: Son Of Rome has received many negative observations but the launch success of the game has washed out all of the bad undeserving critiques. Ryse is one of the best games for Xbox One. If graphics is all that you want, Ryse is your best shot. From ancient city of Rome to lush green forests and devastating battlegrounds, Ryse provides mind blowing graphical experience. The game shows off the capabilities of Xbox One and is a proof that next-gen has finally arrived.

I’ll be adding more titles with short reviews to the list of best Xbox One games. If you think of any game that should be in the list, please write it down in the comments. I will consider adding them.

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