Xbox Game Bar PC Overlay Adds Performance Monitoring and Achievement Tracking


Xbox Game Bar is one of Microsoft’s most useful, yet often overlooked, PC gaming features. Originally known as Windows Game Bar, it got an Xbox rebranding and relaunch back in May, which added new features like Spotify and Mixer integration, friends lists, chat, and more. Well, now Microsoft has added a few more handy features, including performance monitoring and achievement tracking. Get the full lowdown on the new Game Bar additions, below.

FPS Counter and Performance Monitoring

We heard you loud and clear, the Performance overlay needed a frame rate counter. With the October 2019 Game Bar update, we’re introducing the highly requested Frames Per Second (FPS) counter to the Performance overlay on Xbox Game Bar. For the performance junkies, we’re also giving you more control over which system resources are tracked and displayed on-screen, and added graphical options so you can customize the look and feel of the overlay (including transparency!).

Power Up Your Gamerscore with Xbox Achievement Tracking

Achievement hunters: you can now track your Xbox achievements from within Xbox Game Bar using the brand-new Achievements overlay. Beginning today, you can pin your progress towards your next achievement as you play, or pull up the overlay with a quick Win+G to view your game’s achievement list and individual achievement details. New achievement notifications will open Xbox Game Bar instead of the Xbox Console Companion app, so checking out that newly-unlocked achievement will keep you in the game and ready for what’s next without missing a beat. To enable the Achievement overlay in the new update, simply select it from within the overlay menu at the top of your screen.

I’m definitely happy to see performance monitoring added. Granted, you can track your game’s fps using Steam and other software, but it isn’t always as easy or seamless as it could be. Being able to bring up an fps counter with the quick press of a couple of buttons is much appreciated.

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The latest Xbox Game Bar update should be available now. And more features are on the way, as Microsoft promises it has a “ton of things in store” for the coming months.