Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Break Delayed Until 2016

Do you remember our feature in the Top 5 Upcoming Exclusives of Xbox One for 2015? One of them was Quantum Break and as you might recall the game was an upcoming title brought to you by the renowned creators of Max Payne and Alan Wake. Quantum Break is a third person shooter action game by developer Remedy Entertainment and publisher Microsoft Studios. Quantum Break also has a digital live-action series in production and the game is planned to be an interactive series which uses the players own choices to shape up the story. Until now, Quantum Break was a supposed release for 2015 although no specific date was allocated to its release. Sadly, news has just been revealed that the game will no longer be a 2015 and has been shifted to next year.



The Game will Probably Coming to Xbox One in 2016

The delay for Quantum Break isn't official yet, Dae Jim the Dutch Community & Social Media Coordinator at Microsoft posted a tweet along with a link to a blogpost in Dutch. The tweet is as follows:

The Blogpost, although in Dutch, but when translated says the following:

"Quantum Break , one of the most anticipated games for Xbox One after the premiere at Gamescom gameplay completely disappeared from the globe. Why So? Because Quantum Break probably will be released only in 2016. Back in January, I learned that Quantum Break went out only come in 2016, but despite the good sources we could not communicate at that time. Today, however, is further evidence surfaced that "the game" will not come out in 2015.

As marketing Xbox for months Quantum Break use no more to promote their exclusive line up of 2015 and be questions about the game deliberately ignored. Add to this the fact that it is always difficult Remedy Games to release a game on the agreed date and several knowledgeable people who warned me earlier this year. All together is a litany of serious accidents."

As this is still an unofficial release, I'm marking this one as a rumor for now. At the end, the post itself adds the following as a footnote:

"Though we can not confirm it officially yet, we have a very strong suspicion that Quantum Break will only come in 2016, probably in early 2016."

We'll keep you updated with any new releases on the game and any official statements aswell. In the meantime, do share your views about what you think about the delay and what you expect from the game.


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