Xbox One DRM Turns Out To Be Completely True


The Xbox One DRM that was talked about at the consoles reveal set off many people get angry at Microsoft and in turn Microsoft got angry at reporters for saying that they (the reporters) misinterpreted what Microsoft was trying to say. Earlier today, the company released the official press release and updated their own site with how the Xbox One will tackle Privacy, Connectivity and Licensing and surprise, surprise! All the stuff that Microsoft said was "misinterpreted by reporters" is on their own website now.

Xbox One DRM_1

Xbox One DRM will make you think twice before buying an Xbox One.

The Xbox One reveal was a mix of the good and the bad, what really helped the reveal take a turn for the worst was when Microsoft representatives were confronted at the post reveal conference and were asked by jounalists about the DRM, and that's where the entire event went to hell.

Earlier today, Microsoft updated their news site on and showed that all of the stuff that they said weeks ago and later on claimed as being "misinterpreted" is all right there. If you are not one for reading all the technical details, here is a simple image that gives you the breakdown.

Image Courtesy of Reddit

As you can see, the Xbox One is definitely sticking to what was revealed and this time there are no misconceptions or misunderstandings here.

This upcoming console generation stands at a cross roads, I am very surprised to see that Microsoft is actually going through with these DRM techniques, as a console gamer I even have to face times where I will not have an internet connections for days on end due to travels or other reasons but I am still able to enjoy the current generation consoles as long as I have electricity, but if I am without internet for a day then my Xbox One will lock me out of my single player games?