Xbox Cloud Gaming Clarity Boost Offers Sharper Images, But Only on Microsoft Edge Browser

Nathan Birch
Xbox Cloud Gaming Clarity Boost

Cloud gaming offers a lot of benefits for those looking for simplicity and low cost, but image clarity remains an issue even as Internet speeds ramp up. Well, Microsoft is taking a somewhat novel approach to providing a clearer image – rather than streaming a higher-resolution image to players, Xbox Cloud Gaming Clarity Boost applies a sharpening filter to footage after the fact in-browser. Microsoft hasn’t provided exact details, but they have released some side-by-side images showing the effect of Clarity Boost (click the images for full resolution).


Not bad! Unfortunately, Clarity Boost is only available via the Microsoft Edge browser for now (hopefully support for other browsers and platforms will follow). Here’s a bit more detail on Xbox Cloud Gaming Clarity Boost, and instruction on how to enable it…

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Xbox Cloud Gaming has partnered with Microsoft Edge to create an improved experience with optimizations now available exclusively in the Microsoft Edge browser, providing the optimal look and feel while playing Xbox games from the cloud.

Today, we are excited to invite you to experience Clarity Boost, one of the latest cloud gaming optimizations available on Microsoft Edge Canary. This feature uses a set of client-side scaling improvements to improve the visual quality of the video stream. Download Microsoft Edge Canary today to try out these features! Clarity Boost will be available to all Microsoft Edge users by next year.

How to Try it:

  • Download Microsoft Edge Canary
  • To confirm you are in Microsoft Edge Canary, navigate to edge://settings/help to make sure you are on version 96.0.1033.0 or later.
  • To enable Clarity Boost, go to, login and start a game
  • Open the more actions (…) menu
  • Select Enable Clarity Boost option.

Any Xbox Cloud Gaming users out there? Will you be trying out the new Clarity Boost feature, or is a bit of extra sharpness not worth the trouble of opening up the Microsoft Edge browser?

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