The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine To Feature Quest Full Of Songs And Poetry, Czech Translator Knows The Release Date

The Witcher 3, the successful role playing game developed by CD Projekt RED now available in all regions on consoles and PC, is going to receive its second expansion, titled Blood and Wine very soon. Not much is known about the expansion as of now, but a few new interesting tidbits have emerged online recently thanks to a new interview.

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In an interview with The Witcher Czech translator Filip Ženíšek posted on The Witcher official Czech page, it's been revealed that Blood and Wine will include a rather peculiar quest full of songs, poetry and short stories. Translating the quest was quite difficult for Mr. Ženíšek, as he kept everything in the translation.

Do you have in new expansion some character that you especially enjoyed (his way of speaking, dialect, funny moments)? And what character for you was most interesting by translating it?

"I really can't talk about new characters in expansion, because I don't want spoil anything, but I almost leaked one quest while I was almost dying by translating it. That quest was full of songs, poetry, short stories and so. I kept everything in translation - every verse, reference, joke, language gimmicks... but from time to time it's really hard.
For characters that I enjoyed translating, they were mostly characters that don't speak normal czech language - villagers, drunks, kids, trolls ect. But they aren't that common in next expansion. "

Additionally, it's been revealed that the Blood and Wine expansion will feature a rather interesting use of language, due to Toussaint being an almost unreal land, untouched by war.

Can you tell us about some interesting use of language in Blood and Wine?

"You should know from books what kind of principality Toussaint is - it avoided war, people just drink wine and solve nothing - just except knight's honor, galantness or tournaments and so. It's land like straight from fairly tale, at one point almost unreal (how beautiful it is), so we adapted speech of the locals to that. Everyone is talking nobly, galantly, ostentatiously, loftily and absolutly not like normal people. Honestly, I enjoyed more normal peasants and brigands from base game. When I was translating Blood & Wine, I often pick from very old history books.

Additionally, Mr. Ženíšek has revealed that he knows the release date for Blood and Wine, but he obviously won't share it before the official announcement.

Do you know when the expansion will come out?

"It's not known yet. I know the release date, but I will pretend I don't know it :-)"

The interview also covers a few other topics regarding Blood and Wine which are of interest even to non Czech speakers. You can check out a  partial English translation of the interview provided by reddit user Wellbidlo by going here.

The Witcher 3 is now available in all regions on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Blood and Wine expansion has yet to dated.

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