Wireless Charging Furniture To Be Introduced In The US By IKEA


Talk about convenience, your furniture is now going to charge your devices for you. Gone are the days when you had to find the socket, plug in your chargers and then sit near the device, which is usually nowhere near any sitting place (I always found this really awkward). Wireless charging has come so far that in a few years any furniture next to you will charge your phone without any hassle.

Wireless charging now done through your furniture

One of the biggest ‘ready to assemble’ furniture makers in the World, IKEA has come up with wireless charging furniture in the US. This was bound to come up because more and more devices are now being fitted with wireless charging technology, while a bedside table charging your phone seems like a fascinating idea it may have some drawbacks that we will get to know sometime soon. IKEA came up with the idea, earlier this year, and announced a whole new range of furniture set that would include the charging spots, so that users wouldn't have to keep an extra charging device everywhere (especially not at home). The company's website had a few words about the new technology:

‘We wanted to make charging a natural part of your home, so we chose side tables and lamps - the kind of furniture that’s used frequently - and turned them into wireless chargers. Not only do they make your home more beautiful, they make it easier to charge your smartphone wherever you are.’

After giving the whole idea and making an announcement IKEA has followed up by saying that the new line of furniture containing this remarkable technology would be expected to hit stores in the US this spring. The charging spots will be marked with a + sign as an indication as to where the device should be placed. There are also non-wireless charging models that have USB charging ports on the sides. IKEA offers a range of charging offers and many different choices of furniture but the choices for the fully integrated charging is only limited to lamps and table, but new additions are highly expected. You can check out their product catalog here.


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