Windows Terminal v0.10 Brings Mouse Input & Duplicate Pane


Microsoft has released an update to Windows Terminal, bringing a couple of new features. Windows Terminal v.0.10 brings support for mouse input within the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), along with the duplicate pane functionality. The update also brings several bug fixes.

You can install it from the Microsoft Store or download the package from the GitHub page. Here's the changelog of today's Windows Terminal v0.10:

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Windows Terminal Preview v0.10: Mouse Input

The Terminal now supports mouse input in Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) applications as well as Windows applications that use virtual terminal (VT) input. This means applications such as tmux and Midnight Commander will recognize when you click on items in the Terminal window! If an application is in mouse mode, you can hold down shift to make a selection instead of sending VT input.

Settings Update

Duplicate Pane

You can now open a new pane with a duplicate profile of the pane that is in focus. This can be done by adding "splitMode": "duplicate" to the "splitPane" command list in your key bindings. This key binding will duplicate the profile, but you can add other options such as "commandline""index""startingDirectory", and "tabTitle". If you’d like to read more about these key binding options, you can check out this blog post.

{"keys": ["ctrl+shift+d"], "command": {"action": "splitPane", "split": "auto", "splitMode": "duplicate"}}

Bug Fixes

🐛 The text behavior when it reflows on resizing of the window is significantly improved!

🐛 The borders when using dark theme aren’t white anymore!
🐛 If you have the taskbar auto-hidden and your Terminal is maximized, the taskbar now appears when you mouse over the bottom of the screen.

🐛 Azure Cloud Shell can now run PowerShell, accept mouse input, and follow the desired shell of your choice.

🐛 Touchpad and touchscreen scrolling now moves at a normal pace.

Microsoft's Windows Terminal is a modern, tabbed terminal application for users of command line tools like CMD and Powershell, bringing tabs and a GPU accelerated text rendering engine. More details about the latest version available over here.