Windows Phone 7 Pre-NoDo update fails yet again

Source: Winrumors

What should have been a very small update to allow future updates has turned into a nightmare for both Microsoft and Samsung Windows Phone 7 users.  Microsoft was suppose to roll out its 'NoDo' update in early March which would have allowed copy-paste and other performance enhancements. For some inexplicable reason, to allow this update to take effect WP7 phones needed a small pre-update update. These kind of updates are common in the desktop version of Windows 7. It should have been a seamless update but not for Samsung users. It bricked their phones beyond repair and for some lucky ones the update simply failed without bricking .

Microsoft was quick to respond to this and a week later they came out with a fix which would make Samsung users very happy; until they found out this update too is broken. Users get no information on the error other than a cryptic error code that means nothing. Microsoft's workaround this error will aggravate users even more. They suggest you remove all media from the phone and retry the update. This is what they had to say:

“We’ve spent the last 24 hours aggressively investigating the issue, and have identified a work around for error code 800705b4. You can find it here. We appreciate the patience of customers affected by the error and will continue to carefully monitor the update rollout and troubleshoot any issues that arise.”

Microsoft claim only a 100 users are effected but any figure from a company directly should be taken with a pinch of salt. Even if its a 100 or just 10, a simple update like this should not have gone so horribly wrong. It only makes you wonder what will happen when the major updates start rolling out. When WP7 was launched Microsoft promised a smooth update procedure and so far the process has been far from it. If this is how things remain Microsoft can forget about competing with Android and Apple.

Source: Winrumors

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