Windows Phone 7 Closer than you think!!!


The smart phone war has a new competitor, there is Android, iOS and now Windows Phone 7 has entered the ring. Let the clash of the titans BEGIN!!!!, Windows Phone 7 has finally been released for the marketing stage where the cellular providers responsible for distributing the phone have received the phone and are preparing it for release! be prepared to see pre order ad's for these babies anytime soon. The phone has officially entered the RTM phase but alas unless you work for one of the cellular networks responsible for distributing the phone you can't get your hands or eyes near one until the release date.

Image Courtesy of EnGadget

Microsoft gave a go at the phone market with their Kin Line of cell phones which sadly ended in disaster and the phones were discontinued within a couple of months of their release but Microsoft has learned from past mistakes and Windows Phone 7 is their new attempt at entering the smart phone market. I wish them the best of luck, and I look forward to reviews on the phone, I was a huge follower of the Microsoft Kin 2 and was hoping to buy my own but alas when it went out of production i got discouraged from buying it I hope Microsoft makes some thing affordable like they did with the Kin series. I would love to own a $100 Windows Phone 7 (A guy can dream can't he?).

Source: EnGadget