August Windows 10 Update Fixes Critical “Wormable” Bugs – But, It Fails to Install and Causes Random Restarts for Some Users


Windows users have been seeing reports urging them to install the latest Windows 10 August 2019 cumulative updates as they bring fixes to some nasty, wormable security flaws. However, it appears that the update fails and/or triggers random restarts for some users.

One user who was trying to install KB4512508 or Build 18362.295 that was delivered to the latest Windows 10 May 2019 Update (version 1903), reported receiving error 0x800f0982.

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Failing to install KB4512508 with error 0x800f0982. Any ideas?

First time I have ever had an error with a Windows update in four years!

Several other Windows 10 users confirmed having the same issues with the latest Windows 10 cumulative update. Microsoft community forum also shows similar reports by several users.

Well here we go AGAIN! Another 'Patch Tuesday' and yet another update that refuses to install. Last month there was a Cumulative Update that would not install and now we have another one, 2019-08 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1903 for x64-based Systems (KB4512508) -Error 0x80073701, with the same error code. What on earth is going on at Microsoft? It's getting to the stage where I am seriously considering dumping my PC and getting a Mac! With the failed install of last month I tried everything possible to find a solution but all to no avail. Followed all the 'solutions' posted on the Community to the letter but none worked. Come on Microsoft...sort yourselves out as this is getting beyond a joke.

Failed updates aren't the only problem being reported by Windows 10 users, as some have also reported on Reddit (via WL) that their devices are randomly restarting.

Screen goes black, PC shuts down. PC restarts, and goes straight to Desktop. As though it were just restarting normally, were it not for the fact that it doesn't wait for programmes to close before doing so. I don't have a login or anything, and it doesn't go to BIOS either. There's no way to diagnose this as it is completely sudden and without warning. 100% a problem caused by a recent Windows patch.

The problems affect only a small number of users, but that doesn't mean the operating system is flawless. Microsoft seems to have a long way to go before it can deliver updates that are trusted by its users pushing them to install these updates as soon as they are released. Right now, even when some of these updates are carrying fixes for serious vulnerabilities, users have to think twice before installing these updates because they don't know what surprises await them.

For those who missed, the Windows maker has released fixes for two critical Remote Code Execution (RCE) flaws (tracked as CVE-2019-1181 and CVE-2019-1182). They are similar to the "BlueKeep" vulnerability and are wormable.

Even though a small subset of users is facing issues with installing the latest update, users are strongly advised to install these fixes ASAP since an infected machine could propagate this flaw to other vulnerable computers without user interaction. More details available over at this blog post by the Microsoft Security Response Center.

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