Windows 10 Anniversary Update Adoption Rate Speeds Forward – Mobile Still Lagging Behind


Released in August this year, Windows 10 Anniversary Update now runs on 86.3% of all Windows 10 computers. While the update had experienced some hiccups during the first month, it has apparently managed to reach out to millions of Windows 10 users.

AdDuplex has released its latest tracking data for Windows PCs, confirming that more than 8 in every 10 PCs are currently running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (version 1607). Windows 10 November Update (version 1511, released last year) is only powering 10.4% devices, with its share rapidly declining. The original version, which was released in July 2015, is now running on only 2.6% of all Windows 10 PCs.

Microsoft is planning to release the next version of Windows 10, also known as the Creators Update, in March 2017. Currently, the Windows 10 Creators Update is in the testing mode, which means Insiders are receiving builds after builds to try out the new features and report bugs to the development team. These good fellows - aka Windows Insiders - make up only 0.7% of all Windows 10 PC users, running the preview builds of Creators Update on the Windows Insider Program.

Windows 10 Mobile - still a sad story...

Windows 10 Mobile, however, is still lagging behind. While many of those who are using Windows 10 Mobile powered phones are running the latest Anniversary Update, the overall Windows 10 Mobile adoption rate is still far behind the desktop version. Only 16% of active Windows Phones are running Windows 10 Mobile, with Windows Phone 8.1 powering a whopping 77.1% of all Windows phones - many of them aren't eligible for the update.

From this small segment, over 81.9% are running Windows 10 Anniversary Update, followed by 7.7% users of Windows 10 Mobile version 1511. The bigger surprise? Out of this 16% of active Windows 10 Mobile users, over 10.4% are already testing the Creators Update on their smartphones, confirming the user interest in Windows 10 Mobile development.

Microsoft has currently pushed the pause button on Windows 10 Creators Update development process and won't be releasing any new builds until next year. Let's hope the company changes its strategy and focuses a little on Windows 10 Mobile development too.

Whether it shifts focus to Mobile or not, the company is certainly doing well to prevent fragmentation by pushing latest versions to Windows 10 users - and that too without incessant nagging. It will be interesting to see if Creators Update is also received with the same eagerness by Windows 10 users.