Wary of New Windows 10 Versions? Next Windows 10 19H2 Will Be Delivered as a Cumulative Update


We have been receiving test builds from the Windows 10 2020 edition for several weeks now, however, there was no news on what's happening with the upcoming version of Windows 10, aka Windows 10 19H2. Microsoft has finally released the first ever build from this version and has said that it won't be like the previous mega feature upgrades and will focus solely on the performance improvements.

After the issues with the October 2018 Update, the Windows maker had promised to start working on the servicing and quality of the operating system and it seems like the work has now begun.

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"Today, we are talking about the next steps we are taking at continuing to evolve Windows 10 servicing and quality with the next feature update for Windows 10," Dona Sarkar and Brandon LeBlanc write.

"This release has been referred to as 19H2 with Insiders. 19H2 will include a scoped set of features for select performance improvements, enterprise features, and quality enhancements and will be delivered to customers running the May 2019 Update using servicing technology (like the monthly Cumulative Update process).

Only Insiders who are signed up with the Slow Ring will receive Windows 10 19H2 builds. These builds will also be delivered to Insiders via servicing as a Cumulative Update and not full build updates. "Some Insiders may not see the new features right away as we perform controlled feature rollouts (CFRs) to gain better feedback on overall build quality," Microsoft added. "Specific to CFRs, we may ship features in these updates turned off by default and turn them on independently of bits getting downloaded to Insiders’ PCs."

Today's Windows 10 19H2 preview build only brings changes for OEMs

Since this will be a smaller upgrade with fewer features and more focus on behind the scenes stuff, today's Windows 10 19H2 Preview Build 18362.10000 also brings only "two changes designed for OEMs and does not contain anything visible to Insiders."

Microsoft said that it's using today's release to test its "process and servicing pipeline for delivering these updates to customers." In addition, the company said that Windows 10 19H2 builds will also be cumulative with the latest May 2019 Updates. "For example, today’s release also includes the same improvements and fixes contained in this Cumulative Update released for the May 2019 Update KB4501375," the company wrote. "Going forward, these updates will continue to contain the same improvements and fixes released for the May 2019 Update in addition to new 19H2 changes."

This will be a good news for Windows enthusiasts who have been long asking for more focus on quality and less focus on new features to get rid of the operating system's performance and quality issues. If things go as planned, Windows 10 19H2 could finally end the era of Windows 10 update disasters!

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