WhatsApp Finally Updates Voice Call On Android, Coming Soon On iOS


The infamous IM application, WhatsApp has flipped the board to enable voice call feature for all users on Android OS. WhatsApp now enable Android users to make voice calls over the application without the need for any possible invites like we have seen in the WhatsApp Beta versions. The update is official without any tweaks or juicing the application but the Play Store WhatsApp build version still rests on the previous version so you can get the latest upgrade from WhatsApp's website.

Android users must be patient since the update is a little patchy and some of the users have still not received it. Downloading the APK file from WhatsApp's site might be the solution for many if the update takes long to show.

WhatsApp Updated With Voice Call Feature On Android

Moving on, lets roll to some of the features that that came anew with the voice call update. WhatsApp has a cleaner design language and the 'Call' tab melts perfectly with the UI. Altogether, there are now three tabs on top with each having a different purpose, comprising of a Call, Contacts and Chat tab. While on the call, WhatsApp has a mute, speakerphone and a dismiss button to cancel the call. The time duration of the call is also prompted when you end the call.

The user experience is straightforward yet elegant with all outgoing, incoming and missed calls placed under the Call tab. If you want to initiate the call in WhatsApp, the procedure is simple. All you need to do is tap on the Call tab and select the contact you want to call and that's it. Make sure the person you're calling should have a compatible WhatsApp version. Otherwise the user might experience an error. When your contact is not online, you will still hear the ringing sound but the call would not be made. The second your contact comes online he'll be notified of a missed call.

From the past experiences that we faced, WhatsApp has the ability to disable this feature in a jiffy. So until it lasts, you can download the APK file from WhatsApp's Website. Most probably, WhatsApp will not reverse the hype it created previously. Unfortunately, the voice call feature is only available on android for now but Brian Acton, Co-Founder of Whatsapp promised that it will arrive in several weeks. As for now, do give this update a spin and and let us know how you feel in the comments below.