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Western Digital Finally Introduces Its SSD Lineup – Calls It the WD Blue and Green Lineup


With the globe slowly transitioning to faster and cheaper flash memory solutions, Western Digital has jumped onto the same bandwagon and announced two SSD families, WD Blue and WD Green. Let us check out all the details of these latest solid state drives.

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Eyal Bek, senior director, Devices Business Unit at Western Digital states the following regarding the latest announcement of the Western Digital SSD lineup:

“There is significant demand among our core WD resellers and consumers for a broad set of flash-based storage options. The expansive reach of the WD channel enables availability of a Western Digital SSD solution. We are very proud to have developed and launched WD Blue and WD Green SSDs, and believe they’ll provide the instant-on, reliability and capacity benefits our customers have been demanding.”

If you’ve used Western Digital’s traditional hard drive solutions, you will know that the Green lineup is used for drives that consume less power, are more affordable but compromise when it comes to performance. While this is a solid state drive, both drives will provide support for the 2.5-inch form factor, and the Green SSD family will be available in the 120 and 240GB capacities.


As for the Western Digital Blue lineup, capacity models will be available in the 250GB, 500GB and 1TB models, and they will be targeted to those who want slightly better performance and more storage for their requirements. If you’re looking for speed details of the two products, they have been listed below:

  • WD Blue: Up to 545MB/s and 525MB/s sequential read and write speeds, and endurance up to 400TBW.
  • WD Green: Up to 540MB/s and 405MB/s sequential read and write speeds, and endurance up to 80 TBW.

According to Western Digital, prices will range from $79.00 USD to $299.00 USD and will be available immediately to select customers worldwide. As for when these drives will be available, both lineups will be available later this quarter and will carry a 3-year limited warranty period. For its pricing, do you think Western Digital will gain success in this market? Tell us your thoughts right away.