Wccftech Weekly Review, Emulation Edition


And it's that time of the week again folks. When Tiffany takes us through the most exciting news and happenings that occurred during the week. And this week was a doozy, with a lot of interesting tidbits and pieces that made their way to us this past week.

Wccftech Weekly Review, November 21st, 2015

So what actually happened this week? Of course it was a big week in gaming but let us not forget our review of the mighty almost fully enabled Tonga GPU from AMD. That and we found a leaked roadmap from Intel that also saw leaked information regarding Kabey Lake. And let us not forget the exciting news about emulation, and not the emulation of the Xbox 360 either. Sony is finally jumping on the bandwagon by allowing much older games to come to fruition. And of course Mass Effect: Andromeda may have suffered an unintentional leak during N7 day, and our mobile writers are reporting that LG and Sony are bringing out the big guns with plans for their own custom SoC's for their future phones.

And here's a summary of all the great topics covered by Tiffany in our weekly review:

AMD's R9 380X Tested:

Today AMD is releasing the R9 380X, a full-fledged GCN 1.2 Tonga chip. The newest member of AMD’s GCN stable is meant to take care of the upper mid-range, a segment of the market that can generally be served with cards just above or just below this price point, and with custom editions that offer factory overclocking that make them cross competitive above their line anyway, so AMD’s introduction of the 380X is interesting.

Intel's Latest Processor Roadmap leaks:

Intel’s 2016 desktop roadmap has been leaked confirming the arrival of Broadwell-E, Kaby Lake-S and Apollo Lake chips. Since last week, we have seen several leaks regarding Intel’s upcoming mainstream and enthusiast platforms and the latest roadmap detailing the launch schedule of these CPUs has been leaked by Benchlife. It confirms what we have been hearing over the internet that Intel is indeed readying several chips for launch in 2016.

PS2 Emulation on the PS4 Confirmed:

Sony has officially confirmed that PS2 emulation is coming to the PS4. Following the release of the Star Wars Battlefront PS4 bundle, Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry reported that the classic PS2 Star Wars titles included with that bundle, use emulation software to run on Sony’s PS4.

Mass Effect Andromeda's Lead Protagonist Name:

We had reported that Mass Effect Andromeda has a protagonist with a last name, but unfortunately, we did not have any information regarding his, or her identity, until now.

Sony and LG Going Custom:

Developing own custom processors and chipsets goes a long way in ensuring that these components play nicely with the smartphone’s software. Realizing this, albeit a little later, both Sony and LG have reportedly started developing their own smartphone chipsets.

Tonga. Wait, that's not the right Tonga...