[Update] Wccftech Presents The Brand New Wccftech Forums


[Update]: We have fixed the initial issues with the forum. The forum should now be working at a 100%.

Well, this is a general post of a really cool update that we have brought to you on Wccftech. Since the past few years, we have literally expanded from a reader base of several thousand to a community of several millions and we couldn't thank you less for your support.

The WCCF Forums can be found at https://wccftech.com/forum/


To expand our coverage of the latest happenings in the tech industry, we recently launched our YouTube channel which can be viewed at http://youtube.com/WccftechTv/. Our YouTube page aims to provide video reviews,news roundups and talks in the hardware, mobile and gaming industry and we won't just stop there.

Wccftech Presents The Brand New WCCF Forums

Like I mentioned, our awesome reader base is ever increasing and we would like to dedicate a forum that's geared towards people from all walks of life and to come and discuss everyday events. We want people and community to feel free to express their feelings and views about anything in the world and for this sole reason, today we are presenting our brand new WCCF Forums.

We have been operating since 2004 and we know that you will be wondering why did this idea just popped up in our skulls. For starters, WCCF Forums already existed however they were a bit outdated and we didn't see it fit to update them since all of our reader base engaged in discussion through the Disqus panel. But with millions of readers at our doorstep, we wanted to give a fresh new beginning to our forums and today, the WCCF Forums 2.0 has officially been introduced for our readers!


The forums are still in Alpha stage since we just fired it up but we are looking forward to hearing suggestions from you. We would like to know what else would you like to see in the forums, features such as live chat, sub-forums, etc. Anything you have to share with us regarding the looks and features of the forums, do post in the comments below or engage us directly within the WCCF Forums. You can find some of the rules listed below, for the full list, you can head over to - https://wccftech.com/forum/showthread.php?48991-Rulebook

12. Do not use CAPS LOCK in topics' subject line: this right is reserved to administrators, moderators and will not be tolerated. 
13. Don't insult back Administrators/Moderators, just like you wouldn’t insult your fellow members. 
14. Do not incite 'forum wars', either from Wccftech against any other site or against Wccftech. 

Beware - The Forums are being moderated by your very own Hassan Mujtaba and Usman Pirzada ;D

So there you have it, Happy discussions everyone!