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We love gaming, it provides us with that necessary release, and it's just plain fun. An interest in gaming can also inevitably lead to the development of some very useful skills. Underneath those pretty exteriors that we interact with is a beautifully complex conglomeration of programming and artistry. Wouldn't you like to be a part of creating something great?

Now you can get that start, by paying what you want for game development courses by StackSkills.

Pay what you want game development

Pay what you want to learn how to make your own awesome game.

We love to play games, so why not strive to make our own? Or even be part of the next big AAA title? You need to make something to put in your portfolio, so we're helping to enable that by letting you pay what you want for a bundle of game development courses. But when you pay what you want, 10% will be donated to Creative Commons, the organization that develops and supports legal and technical infrastructure that allows for our creative expression.

Pay less than $6.62 and you'll open up 'Game Development for Non-Coders', a five course bundle, perfect for those a bit timid, or intimidated by the complex nature of code.

Pay at least the average of $6.62 and you'll open up all three bundles of courses available; Game Development for Non-Coders, Unity 3D Game Development & Design and HTML App & Game Development. A total of 15 courses in the bundle.

And should you decide that you want to be the best in class and donate the most, then that has benefits too. Be the one to pay the top amount at any time during the sale and you get five entries into the 4K TV and media device giveaway.

So why not start on your path to make gaming more than just the usual interactive past time?

// paywhat.cs
using System;

public class paywhat
   public static int Main(string[] args)
      Console.WriteLine("Pay what you want!");
      return 0;
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