Wccftech Deals – Hot Java Android Coding Bundle


Android and Java go hand in hand like sprinkles go with ice-cream. They're a natural pairing, obviously because Java is the language of choice for those wee cute Android devices. And it can be incredibly powerful and made to do many different awesome things.

Why wouldn't you want to expand your horizons with a very impressive bundle of courses to help you be the boss of Android? It's only $29, 95% off of the normal price of $657.

Android Java


Java and marshmallows are great together, so learn how to make them taste even better together.

Sometimes it's difficult to start something seemingly so complicated (and it definitely is, even for the seasoned!), but having some guided courses taught by the experts at StackSkills could help you along your way to mastering the intricacies of the Java language as it pertains to Android.

Learn all about Marshmallow, Lollipop and how to make fantastic games and other unique programs using hands-on, project based learning.

The following courses have 60+ hours of training, and can be yours to peruse for $29:

  • Learn Android Lollipop Development (& Marshmallow!)
  • The Complete Java Developer Course
  • Learn How to Reskin, Upload & Publish an Android Game
  • Play Framework Development with Java
  • Reskin Games for App Stores--No Coding Required

Are you ready to start brewing up some freakishly fresh Android apps and games?