Wccftech Deals – Essential JavaScript Coding Course Bundle ($29)


Deep dive into the wonderful and wide world of JavaScript with our latest course bundle. JavaScript, though criticized for being overly vulnerable if not properly developed for, is a widely used front-end application language. And it's only as secure as the developer makes it.

That's why we have a fantastic bundle of courses to teach you the insides of JavaScript so you can be the one to make safe and awesome applications.


Learn the ins and outs of JavaScript with our latest bundle

Only $29 gets you access to what used to be $1080 worth of courses. 15 courses and enough knowledge to get you started making mobile and web applications using the ubiquitous and long-lived JavaScript. It's not going anywhere, so lets learn to make better JavaScript apps together, shall we?

What you get:

  • Dive into 15 courses on JavaScript & beyond
  • Learn how to build impressive applications w/Angular
  • Combine the Bootstrap framework w/ Angular to create elegant websites
  • Enhance Angular applications w/ Angular directives by adding functionality to your HTML
  • Explore unique JavaScript libraries such as D3.js to generate incredible visualizations
  • Improve the performance & efficiency of JavaScript code
  • Create reusable, agile workflows w/ Grunt
  • Develop mobile apps w/ Angular & Ionic which look and feel like native apps