Wccftech Deals – CompTIA Advanced IT Security Practitioner Certification Course


Do IT security like a boss by becoming certified as an advanced security practitioner from one of the most recognized standards organizations in the world. It can be a scary and dangerous place out there, and thankfully businesses are paying good money to keep their assets and information secure. Why not take advantage of an opportunity to learn, for only $25.99.

The skills you'll learn and the knowledge you gain in this certification oriented course by iCollege can be applied nearly any job, being immensely useful in helping you be safe out there on the dark waters of the Internet.

IT Security

IT Security like a boss

  • Get the training & knowledge you need to ace the CASP certification exam
  • Dive into a broad range of security disciplines to implement enterprise-facing security solutions
  • Run through 17 modules, including: Business Influences and Associated Security Risks, Risk Mitigation Planning – Strategies and Controls, Security-Privacy Policies and Procedures, etc.
  • Complete a course that follows CompTIA authorized objectives
  • Increase your employability & boost your career