WavLink Halo Base WiFi System – 3 Packing Mesh WiFi Costs Just $119.99

Source: Newegg

Wavlink Whole Home Mesh WiFi System is currently on an 80% deal at Newegg.com. This system replaces the standard WiFi router and range extenders. This system has coverage of up to 4,000 sq. Ft to 6,000 sq Ft, this system also features seamless WiFi throughout your house.

This system offers a wide array of features like Quick and easy setup, smart LED indicator, touch-link technology, and greater control remotely.

The Mesh system works substantially different from the standard WiFi system, and the mesh network system uses multiple WiFi points to work together to create a consistently reliable and fast WiFi network. This system will also intelligently connect your devices to the best WiFi point seamlessly without the requires of manual switching between your router and range extenders as you move through the home. These base stations ensure that every device enjoys a smooth, secure, and seamless connection. Also, the base stations come with Gigiaports,  and Breathing LED lights.

  • Quick and Easy Setup
    • The Halo Base system works with all significant current internet provider, using the Wavlink app or any web browser to create your home's secure WiFi network in just minutes.
    • Just press the pair button for one second, the Halo Base router will automatically pair with the extender.
  • Smart LED indicator
    • The Halo Base comes installed with a smart LED light; for this design, you can always get the status of your WiFi system.
    • The various colors are purple for device startup, blue for the internet connection is ready, and a red flashing light for the router has no internet connection.
  • Touch-link Technology
    • Touching the sensing area of the Halo Base, after the LED light up, it would create a guest WiFi signal. Devices could connect to this guest SSID within 2 minutes, and this feature gets rid of the need to tell anyone the WiFi password if hosting a party.
  • Greater control remotely
    • Halo Base could automatically scan and stops any virus or malware, keeping the connected devices as safe as possible.

This system typically costs $599.99 on Newegg, but this system is currently on sale for the next three days, making the cost just $119.99. This is an amazingly high 80% off the initial price, and this deal also saves you $480.

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