watchOS 2.2.1 For Apple Watch Has Been Released

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After waiting for quite a while, Apple has finally released its latest update for watchOS, bring minor changes to crib. If you happen to have an Apple Watch, you might want to check the Apple Watch app on your iPhone for the software upgrade. The new watchOS 2.2.1 brings quite a handful of bug fixes along with performance improvements and a little more.

Apple Released watchOS 2.2.1 for the Apple Watch

If you had any major changes in mind for the update, think again. This is because the previous beta builds of the watchOS 2.2.1 did not had any outward-facing features that might interest users to the core. So, the changes were generally expected from Apple. Nonetheless, if you feel your Apple Watch is slowing down or acting a little sluggish after the previous update, updating to the latest version might be a good call.

Since the update is a watchOS 2.2.1 upgrade, there might not be any major features part of it. The update came nearly two months after the watchOS 2.2 system update. watchOS 2.2 was a significant update, bringing new features to Apple's wearable such as the multi-watch support for the iPhone, improvements in Maps and many other features.

Apple Watch watchOS 2.2

If you're interested in updating your Apple Watch to the latest firmware, you can do it through Apple's stock Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Simply open the app, and navigate to General and then Software Update. As for some prerequisites, make sure that your Apple Watch must have at least 50 percent of battery. If it does not, place it on a charger and continue the update process. Other than this, make sure that your iPhone is in close range of your Apple Watch.

As we have mentioned before, the watchOS 2.2.1 is a minor upgrade compared to the previous one. This is because it solely focuses on the bug fixes and improvements without any inclusion of additional features that might go a long way. More importantly, while testing the beta builds of the watchOS 2.2.1, no major features or options were discovered. So generally it would have been our first educated guess that the watchOS 2.2.1 will not have any major features.

Apple's watchOS 2 was released in September of last year and since then the Apple Watch has received four updates in total. This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts about the update? Do you think a performance oriented update was necessary for the Apple Watch? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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