Vuvuzela’s can counter piracy?

Rizwan Anwer

After their appearance in the 2010 FIFA world cup Vuvuzela's slowly earned a reputation as one of the most HORRIBLE things to over hit the internet but Ubisoft has found a way to make these noisy horns to work to their advantage.

Apparently in Ubisoft's upcoming game called "Michael Jackson: The Experience" for the DS if you pirate the game you will hear Vuvuzela's blaring in the background as if you were at the FIFA 2010 world cup yet again

quiet a CLEVER method to beat piracy, I mean first they came up with STARFORCE which did more harm than good, followed by the RIDICULOUS constant internet connection DRM for Assassin's Creed 2 on the PC but maybe this is the reason why Assassin's Creed Brotherhood was delayed on the PC 😛 maybe Ubisoft plans on adding this neat little feature to the PC version of the game 😀 imagine trying to concentrate on assassinating someone WITHOUT going insane from hearing the Vuvuzela's over your speakers.

For once I give Ubisoft a thumbs up for an INGENIOUS DRM, and I hope it catches up with the PC version of their future games.

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