Vulkan 1.3.214 Released: Adds Brand New AMD Vendor extension to further improve Ray Tracing


Vulkan 1.3.213 was released one week ago, adding four new extensions to the AMD ray tracing support code. Now, Vulkan has been updated to 1.3.214, which provides numerous error fixes and introduces another extension.

Vulkan 1.3.214 releases to fix numerous errors and add new Ray Tracing extensions for AMD vendors

The new Vulkan update is not a significant change compared to the previous 1.3.213 update but does offer more solved corrections and adds an AMD vendor extension — VK_AMD_shader_early_and_late_fragment_tests.

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The new Vulkan extension adds SPIR-V SPV_AMD_shader_early_and_late_fragment_tests extension, allowing graphics shaders to opt in to offer early and late fragment tests. This testing is also only provided through AMD.

While the SPIR-V SPV_AMD_shader_early_and_late_fragment_tests extension is still waiting for the SPIR-V Registry to approve, it is also an extension created by AMD engineer Tobias Hector that will allow for early and late fragment tests, depending on the situation. Also included in the extension is the ability to add execution modes that will explain the value written by the shader stencil.

While this is a minimal update to Vulkan, we have provided the full details below for the commit published. If you want more information, you can also find those details on the official GitHub commit.

Changelog for May 17, 2022 Vulkan 1.3.214 spec update:
* Update release number to 214 for this update.

Public Issues:

* Clarify protected queue creation language for slink:VkDeviceCreateInfo,
slink:VkDeviceQueueGlobalPriorityCreateInfoKHR, and
slink:VkDeviceQueueInfo2 (public issue 1761, internal issue 2978).
* Add valid usage statements for usage and format features bits for
resolve image commands (public pull request 1826).
* Add apiext:VK_KHR_depth_stencil_resolve dependency to
apiext:VK_KHR_dynamic_rendering (public pull request 1831).
* Make some missing API dependencies explicit in XML (public issue 1840).
* Mark slink:VkSubresourceLayout2EXT as `returnedonly` in XML (public pull
request 1848).
* Replace manual links in VK_KHR_ray_tracing_maintenance1 appendix (public
pull request 1849).
* Add valid usage statement for pname:pipelinePropertiesIdentifier
feature, and change a valid usage statement to refer to the
pname:imageCompressionControlSwapchain feature rather than the related
extension (public pull request 1852).

Internal Issues:

* Fix description of parameters defined by
apiext:VK_EXT_depth_clip_control for slink:VkViewport (internal issue
* Add valid usage statements to slink:VkGraphicsPipelineCreateInfo banning
graphics pipeline libraries having descriptors for other libraries
(internal issue 3080).
* Add valid usage statements to slink:VkGraphicsPipelineCreateInfo and
flink:vkCmdBindDescriptorSets allowing `NULL` set layouts with
non-independent sets (internal issue 3082).
* Set `noautovalidity` attribute in XML for
flink:vkGetPipelinePropertiesEXT::pname:pPipelineProperties (internal
issue 3088).
* Update apiext:VK_NV_device_diagnostics_config to add a new config bit
(internal merge request 5160).
* Clarify unsupported conservative point/line rasterization in
slink:VkPipelineRasterizationConservativeStateCreateInfoEXT and in valid
usage statements for slink:VkGraphicsPipelineCreateInfo (internal merge
request 5169).
* Add missing `limittype` attributes to XML for
slink:VkQueueFamilyProperties* and slink:VkFormatProperties* members
(internal merge requests 5171 and 5175).
* Improve XML `limittype` attribute of
for tool chain usage (internal merge request 5177).
* Change description of slink:VkPipelineLayoutCreateInfo::pname:flags now
that there are flag bits reserved for the underlying type (internal
merge request 5180).
* Fix typos in slink:VkGraphicsPipelineCreateInfo valid usage statements
(internal merge request 5191).
* Move attribute settings used in commonvalidity includes inside valid
usage blocks to generate correct validusage.json text (internal merge
request 5195).

New Extensions:

* apiext:VK_AMD_shader_early_and_late_fragment_tests

News Source: Phoronix