Voicemod For iPhone Lets You Change Your Voice to Darth Vader, T-Pain & More


Voicemod is a new app for iPhone that lets users play with various voice changing filters to create funny videos and audio files. The app has been available on PC for some time and has been in use for games like Fortnite, GTA V, PUBG, and more.

Voicemod supports a large number of voice changing filters which include a Darth Vader like filter called sword, T-pain, robot, alien, and many more. You can check out the demos of all the available voice changers here.

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The app has a simple interface and anyone who has used modern social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram will feel right at home. Using the app, you can record videos or audio clips up to 60 seconds long, which can be shared on social media, or just with friends through messaging apps. Although the app is primarily for voice effects, there are also a number of filters and 3D face masks available for video clips, for Snapchat and Instagram like results.

For users who regularly post content on social media, this app can result in a lot of funny and interesting content. It will not help you become the next top YouTuber, however, it can result in some hilarious moments. The novelty wears off after a while, as most of the features that Voicemod provides, except for voice modulation, are available on Instagram and Snapchat. Due to smartphone restriction, you also cannot use Voicemod to modify your voice chat audio for games like PUBG and Fortnite on your smartphone, which is why users mostly use the app on PC.

If you are looking to just record some fun content, or play pranks on friends, you cannot go wrong with Voicemod. The app is available for free for iPhone, with no in-app purchases. An Android version will be available soon in Google Play Store.

Download Voicemod from App Store