Verizon Now Offers Android Lollipop 5.0 Update For LG G3

Among the four giant wireless carriers in the U.S, Verizon never lags behind others when it comes to the introduction of software updates. The carrier has been a keen importance for all the smartphones in its stable and LG G3 is part of it considering locked G3 devices.. The Verizon wireless carrier has jumped to the android lollipop for its LG G3 holding. Even though the unlocked version of the LG G3 was hit by the Lollipop update two months ago, the carrier dependent models have  been finally rolled out.

The Android version of Lollipop has its own set of key features that differs it from the previous kitkat version. The major features include the all new Material Design applications, Multitasking features and Card notification systems on locked screen and much more. Head down for more detail on the release.

LG G3 Lollipop Update Brings Card Notification, Material Design Layout And Much More

The Lollipop update in the LG G3 handset not only boosts fluidity but performance enhancements are also part of it. The stunning new user interface offers great visual transitions and animations that would definitely part ways from the previous version. The update would not include any kind of stock android-like visuals or Material Design applications because LG has its own concerns about the theme and skin of the overall layout.

Lets ponder over some of the changes that are part of the LG G3's Lollipop update. The navigational keys have changed their shape to the triangle, circle and square which the users will experience the most as part of every operation. Other key feature concerns smartwatch, where its availability on you or nearby enables the handset to unlock automatically without the need to put any passwords. The feature is known as the smart lock and will be pretty handy for some users.A set of health section is also included that enables you to record all your fitness routine with time periods and every necessary details like the number of steps taken and calories burnt accordingly.

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Lollipop update

The official announcement on Verizon's Lollipop update for LG G3 reads,

"Verizon Wireless is pleased to announce an operating system update to Android 5.0 Lollipop. This version brings Android beyond smartphones and tablets, allowing access to apps and Android services on other connected screens like TV's, cars and wearables.The new material design offers complex animations and 3-D views, 64-bit ABI support and improved run time"

The LG G3 update to Lollipop is happening now and considering different variants involved, the update will reach out to every single handset in a matter of time via OTA update (over the air). That's all there is for the update, folks. For the time being we will keep you updated on more update regarding this and other features. CIAO!

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