Vault Boy’s Tinder Profile Gets Swiped Right More Than Yours Does

Even Vault Boy gets a little lonely at times, which is why he's created his own Tinder profile to try to find that sweet someone to help him out.

Thank you Kotaku!

Vault Boy's Tinder profile is great, don't swipe left!

And it's really no surprise that someone would swipe right on his glorious profile. His perfect smile, glowing white teeth, and dapper vault jumpsuit. Just don't expect any messages back from him just yet. Well, because he doesn't really have a cell signal deep in that vault cave of his. Oh and those glowing teeth aren't from the radiation either, but probably from Colgate.

The Tinder profile is part of a viral advertising campaign for Bethesda's new Fallout Shelter, which was just released on Android on August 13th 2015. It's a terribly addictive, whimsical and very enjoyable game. You have the opportunity to manage your own vault and try to not repeat the mistakes of Vault 101. Balancing resources within a closed eco-system has never been more exciting.

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