Valve Looking For Playtesters For Upcoming Games And Hardware


Valve is giving gamers the opportunity of a life as it invites residents of Seattle / Bellevue to come to Valve headquarters to playtest some upcoming games and test out some of their hardware, you will of course have to eligible and will have to be chosen by Valve but this is a big step for the company. Currently the play testing is only restricted to Seattle / Bellevue residents but will soon be open to anyone in the US and soon the play testing will go international if not global!

Let's hope a new Half-Life game is in the list of games to play test.

This is almost a real life version of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" except you don't have to buy box loads of chocolate to find the golden ticket but instead have to be chosen by Valve in specific. While Valve may not be on the production level of EA / Ubisoft and other industrial giants they are still heavily admired in the gaming industry for their amazing work in amazing games such as Portal, Left 4 Dead / 2, Team Fortress Classic / 2 and of course the fan favorite "Half-Life" series which has been on hiatus for many years now with no word on a sequel or a new game.

Valve is now giving residents of the Seattle / Bellevue area to enter their "Play testing" for upcoming games and hardware, this will of course boil down to a select few individuals who will be the privileged few to actually play released and unreleased versions of their games along with some of their upcoming hardware, this will probably come with the price of the chosen few signing an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) which of course means that even if the studio IS working on a new Half-Life / Portal / Left 4 Dead or heck even a new Team Fortress the play testers will be under a digital leash to obey the contract and not speak a peep of the games unless they are willing to be liable to Valve and possibly punished by a monetary fine and maybe even more severe consequences.

If you live in the Seattle / Bellevue are you can use This survey to see if you would be a good candidate and from then on cross your fingers and hope you are among the chosen few to play test these upcoming Valve games.They also do have plans of going international as you can read Here

I wish all of you entering good luck and hope that after going fully across the US this program carries over to international level so we can digitally play test the games if we can if not the hardware at least, but I can already tell that we are definitely months away from that even happening.