Valve Employee: “We May Be Completely Wrong” With Paying Mods


We have earlier today covered Gabe Newell's response to the negative reception Valve's new Modding policy has received. Newell explained that “Our Goal is to Make Modding Better”. The Reddit community was not very happy with Newell's responses. Now one of Valve's employees, Robin Walker, known for the “Team Fortress” Quake mod before joining Valve, responded to an email regarding the sudden monetization of mods.

Walker begins his email by defending the policy, but during the end he closes his email with the following statement:


“…we may be completely wrong. In anything as complex as today’s games environment, you can never be certain in any prediction. If it turns out we are wrong, and that this somehow results in fewer good mods, or no free ones, or unhappy mod makers, then we’ll fix it, even if that means removing the feature entirely. The fundamental strength of the PC is that PC gamers improve their games, with or without the support of the developer, and we have every interest in keeping that alive.”

Knowing that Valve is willing to alleviate the issue if the turnout is negative has given PC gamers some comfort

The above statement by Robin Walker has given hope to the community, hoping that a change or even a complete removal of the new model occurs. Newell's responses on the issue on Reddit were met with disapproval, while Walker's words provided more comfort to PC gamers.

If negative reception continues, Valve will have no choice but to abandon the policy completely