Valheim New Mods Introduce Realistic 4K Stone, Rock and Castle Textures, Custom Depth of Field

Francesco De Meo

New Valheim mods that have been shared online in the past few hours attempt to improve the visuals of the popular game developed by Iron Gate Studio.

The first new mod is a high-quality, 4K resolution texture pack that introduces new realistic stone, rock, and castle textures. The BepInEx and Custom Texture mods are required to install this mod.

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Why is this mod realistic? For 2 reasons:

(1) According to my research, Vikings typically did not use such large stones to construct their hillforts. (A quick google search will show you what I mean) Some stones used for construction in Valheim are almost the size of a Buick! Vikings generally used smaller, more manageable stones for construction.

(2) Stones fade in color while exposed to the elements for long periods of time. This may be just my personal preference, but I like my castles to look like they've stood the test of time. Having a castle with stones that have a dark, almost blueish tint doesn't have that realistic feel. That is why the stones in these textures are somewhat faded and have an earthy tone to them.


The second new Valheim mod that has been released online today lets players change the minimum and maximum values for Valheim's built-in Depth of Field.

The game's default minimum distance for Depth of Field is 50. I find that this makes closer objects in the game far too blurry for my tastes. Through a bit of testing, 75 seems to be about the sweet spot for me (and is the mod's default) and anything over 100 is a bit too high. It all comes down to personal taste, however.

The game's default for max distance is 3000 which seems just fine to me. Anything higher and nothing gets blurred. If you wanted some extra blur in the distance you could lower it some. I left it at 3000 for this mod.

Valheim is now available on Steam as an Early Access release.

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