User Gives Apple Watch Ultra’s Entire Titanium Casing a Brushed Finish Look to Make it More Appealing

Ali Salman
Apple Watch Ultra in Brushed Finish Mod

The Apple Watch Ultra is a very capable device and a must-have for professional athletes and people who go on adventures. The wearable comes in a brand-new design with a bright orange Action Button on the side. Even though the 'Ultra' is designed to withstand tough conditions, you can also use it as your daily driver.

In terms of built quality, the wearable features a titanium casing with a flat display. A user not satisfied with the Apple Watch Ultra's titanium casing and the bright orange button decided to mod it with a brushed finish look. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.

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User Modded His Apple Watch Ultra to Move Away From The Titanium Finish and the Bright Orange Action Button

The Apple Watch Ultra is the first model that comes with a complete design overhaul since its debut in 2014. A user "perezr10" on the MacRumors forums shared how and why he decided to change the look of the wearable. He described the design as:

There are five things I hate about the design when I consider wearing it as a normal everyday watch. The "tallness," the hunchback which is the crown guard, the holes everywhere, the orange button, and the finish which looked like Starlight aluminum. There is nothing that can be done about the first three but the last two are solvable.

Apple Watch Ultra in Brushed Finish Mod

The user decided to mod his Apple Watch Ultra and give it a brushed finish. Using the Dremel power tool, the user had to remove the bright orange color on the Action Button. Furthermore, he used the coarse abrasive finishing buff to negate the sandblasted look on the original device. This gave the wearable a brushed finish without a flashy bright orange color on the Action Button. You can check out more details on the wearable in our announcement post.

Apple Watch Ultra in Brushed Finish Mod

This is all there is to it, folks. How did you like the new modified version to feature a brushed finish? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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