How to upload images from iDevice to your Google+ account


Google+ has an android app but it still lacks a proper iOS app for the iPad / iPod Touch / iPhone 4 so users of said Apple devices might have trouble uploading lots of pictures to their Google+ accounts, with a free app from the app store you can now upload MULTIPLE pictures to your Google+ account until the official Google+ App comes to the Apple App store.

Following these simple steps you can have the ability to upload pictures from your iDevice to your Google+ Account, no Jailbreak required.

  1. Download Piconhand from Apples Appstore for free
  2. login with your Google+ account. 
  3. Navigate to "Settings" ---> "Location Services" and allow "Piconhand" access. 
  4. Go to the "Upload" Tab on Piconhand and press the + button on the top right of the screen.
  5. You can choose albums already linked to your Google account or you can click on any of the albums (preferably choose the album you want these images to go to) and a Pop-up will come asking you to "Take Photo" or "Existing photo", Take Photo will let you take a Photo and upload it immediately and Existing Photo will let you choose images from your iDevice Library and upload them to your pre selected album
  6. Now choose the images you want to upload and once you are done choosing press done on the top right of the screen, and then on the bottom left will be a blue "Start" button, press that and voila, you are done. Now you can go to your account and provide access to the images to the people you want. Optional Step:
  7. How to create a new Album: if you wish to make a separate album from Piconhand simply follow the steps, Start "Piconhand" and press the outward arrow on the top right of the screen, press the newly appeared "+" button on the bottom left and fill out the details, once done press save on Top Left and you are done.