Update for Neverwinter on Xbox One in September Has Four Expansions in Tow

Neverwinter, the Dungeons & Dragons based MMO is going to get an absolute massive update come this September. More content than you could ever want, with the majority of four expansion packs becoming accessible.

Neverwinter: Elemental Evil is coming to Xbox One this September, with more content than you can pack into one lifetime.

The Xbox One has lagged behind by just a smidgen. Elemental Evil has been available on the PC for since April 7th, but now ArcGames is adding essence of four of their other previous updates into one very extensive update for Neverwinter.

Within you'll find Fury of the Feywild, Shadowmantle, Curse of Icewind Dale and naturally Elemental Evil. And with the new content means new zones to explore with your character and far harder enemies to take on.

This most sizable of expansions should be free to all players, and adds a host of other great features as well:

  • Level cap increase from 60 to 70
  • Oathbound Paladin playable class
  • Eight new adventure zones
  • Icewind Dale
  • Sharandar
  • The Dread Ring
  • Malabog’s Castle, Valindra’s Tower and Kessell’s Retreat.
  • Minsc & Boo join adventurers in the fight against the Cults of Elemental Evil
  • Increase in companion quality cap from epic to legendary
  • Maximum level increase for all professions
  • Vote-to-kick changes
  • Achievements fixed

Neverwinter isn't exactly the most prosperous of MMO's, but it still does enjoy a passionate yet cozy following. On Steam alone there are an average of 2,333.7 players online, with peaks and troughs during the usual times.

If you were on the fence about this, it's free, so why not take a look at what ArcGames has done to revive the Neverwinter franchise. It's even rather controller friendly.


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