Untethered iOS 4.3.1 shown running on iPod Touch 4G

While the tethered Jailbreak is only out for iOS 4.3.1 someone has already shown that an untethered jailbreak is already out, well sort of. Well known iPhone security specialist and hacker Stefan Esser has released this video showing him running an UNTETHERED iOS 4.3.1 on his iPod Touch 4G, while Stefan has confirmed that the technique only worked on his iPod Touch and not with his 1G iPad this could mean that the untethered jailbreak could be a while before it's ready for all iDevices, old and new.

While the video does show it he doesn't plan on releasing the tool publicly anytime in the near future ... which is a shame. I really wanted an untethered jailbreak for my iPod Touch 4G too.

According to his video description:

Meanwhile everyone should have noticed that my prediction became true and Apple released iOS 4.3.1 in order to fix the PWN2OWN vulnerability in Safari.

It was very unlikely that Apple also fixed the kernel vulnerability I used for my untether exploit. Mainly because the kernelcache binary is about 8-10 MB in size and the likelihood that Apple finds the same vulnerability in that short amount of time was very low.

However you never know until you try it. So this morning when I woke up and saw that Sn0wbreeze 2.4 beta was released I thought it would be fun to create a new video.

Unfortunately Sn0wbreeze does not work with my iPad 1 and so I had to test with my iPod 4G.

So I just used Sn0wbreeze to do a tethered jailbreak of my iPod 4G and then I manually installed the untether exploit with SSH.

In the video you can see how I switch off the iPod, then restart it, show the version, show that it is untethered and has the multitasking gestures, i show that you can buy ringtones and then I show cydia and the ninja jump game from last time.

Because several people misunderstood me in the past:

a. I repeatedly stated that I will not release a jailbreak tool - I will only give out the untether. I did not try yet, but if it is feasible the untether could be a cydia package.

b. While the vulnerability I use is in the iPad 2 kernel my untether will NOT SUPPORT the iPad 2, because there is no way to install it there (bootrom exploits fixed). - however Comex is working on that part.

c. I am not giving out any ETA again, because the Jailbreak community is simply nuts. Last time I gave an ETA and even before that had passed I got constantly insulted by people that were demanding an immediate release. Sorry guys the more you insult people with the knowledge to actually do what YOU WANT the less motivation there is to use our free time to give it to you.

d. The only reason why I did not finish the untether before the ETA was due to unexpected work overload in my real job. It had nothing todo with the untether being too hard or unreal.

e. I don't know why the dev team has not released a redsn0w that does tethered jailbreak for 4.3.1 - I would prefer that to be available, cause sn0wbreeze obviously does not work 100% yet.

f. If you want to learn more about iPhone kernel hacking/exploitation you should come to SyScan Singapore at the end of April. http://syscan.org/index.php/sg/program

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