Unity 5 Announced at GDC

Announced today at the Game Developers Conference, Unity Technologies has just released Unity 5. Unity 5 features an all-new physics and graphics engine, and will host a Cloud-boosted system with a feature rich editor and multi=platform support. Unity 5 will significantly improve its lighting engine and focus on small team construction as highlighted by the "blacksmith" demo, developed in-house at Unity by a team of three.

Unity 5, will be available for 21 platforms, including browsers mobile devices, as well as consoles. WebGL is fresh to the engine, and allows developers to build games directly for mobile browsers, without end-user restrictions of Adobe's Flash Player. Unity 5 will allow console development to proceed with the same tools, rather than switching tools to develop on Xbox, Wii U or PS4 today. This is a fantastic adaptation for the engine.


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – March 3, 2015

Unity Technologies today announced the immediate availability of Unity 5, the next generation of the award-winning Unity multiplatform engine and development tools. The most powerful version of Unity to date includes massive graphics improvements and an expanded editor feature set that gives developers everywhere the potential to create incredibly beautiful and innovative gaming experiences across 21 platforms. Additionally, Unity announced the availability of Unity Cloud Build, which enables developers to increase productivity by leveraging the power of cloud computing in order to remain focused on game development.

With the launch, Unity bolsters its longtime mission to democratize development by opening up the entire engine and editor to all developers through progressive licensing options that add big value for large studios and massive power for hobbyists and developers just getting started without taking a share of revenue. Unity 5 comes in two editions:

Unity 5 Professional Edition
Unity 5 Professional Edition is all about adding incredible value whether for a small 2-3 person studio or a 100+ person studio with the addition of Unity Cloud Build Pro, Team License, Game Performance Reporting, Asset Store Level 11, Unity Analytics Pro, access to previews and betas and more for the same low price of $75/month subscription.

Unity 5 Personal Edition
Unity 5 Personal Edition is a free solution empowering hobbyists, sole developers, and studios just getting started with all the powerful features found in the Unity engine and editor such as Profiler, Occlusion Culling, Render-to-Texture, and Post-Processing Special Effects as well as all the big Unity 5 features like Physically-based Shading, Enlighten, and reflection probes.

“Unity 5 is a massive step up for Unity that empowers developers to make more beautiful and intricate games that reach bigger audiences, across more platforms,” said John Riccitiello, CEO, Unity. “We want everyone to have access to Unity 5 which is why we’ve increased the value of our royalty-free licenses. Unity 5 Professional starts with the power of Unity 5.0 and adds valuable tools such as Unity Cloud Build Pro and Team License. Unity 5 Personal Edition is for the developer just getting started and offers all the power of the engine and editor for free.”

Developers around the world are already finding great success using Unity 5, such as the recently released Republique Remastered from Camouflaj and the upcoming games Ori and the Blind Forest from Moon Studios and Rival Kingdoms from Space Ape.

The most powerful version of Unity yet adds big features to an extensive creative toolset that enables developers to craft stunning visuals and innovative gameplay experiences across any style, genre, and platform:

A Graphics Powerhouse
Unity 5 has massively enhanced graphics capabilities like physically based shading, real-time global illumination with Enlighten, and reflection probes that enable developers to create stunning visual experiences

Feature Rich and Highly Flexible Editor
Unity’s comprehensive, time-saving, and extensible editor is even more powerful in Unity 5 with 64-bit support, unprecedented audio tools, big improvements to animation, huge physics upgrades, and much more. With Unity 5, developers have the power and flexibility to let their creativity run wild.

Industry-leading Multiplatform Support
Unity 5’s industry leading multiplatform support does the heavy lifting so developers can focus on crafting awesome gaming experiences across 21 different platforms, including the new WebGL target as well as consoles, desktop and mobile.

Unmatched efficiency boosted in the Cloud
Unity’s legendary development efficiency reaches new heights with the launch of Unity Cloud Build that taps the power of the cloud to further increase productivity and keep developers’ focus where it should be: making great games. To find out more about Unity Cloud Build, which is also available today, visit https://build.cloud.unity3d.com/

Unity 5 Professional and Personal Editions are available for immediate download today at <8f75>http://unity3d.com/5.

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