Uncharted 4 Sharefactory Multiplayer Theme & Avatars Are Up On PS Stores


An Uncharted 4 Sharefactory multiplayer theme, and several Uncharted 4 multiplayer avatars have been put up on the PS Stores.

The sharefactory theme and avatars are up on the US and European PS Stores, but some are listed with a December 9th release date.

Play UNCHARTED™ 4 Multiplayer as your favorite characters from the UNCHARTED franchise. Then show off your skills in taking down the Heroes or Villains across the globe using this official UNCHARTED 4 Multiplayer SHAREfactory™ Theme.

This SHAREfactory Theme includes:
• 2 intro clips
• 1 outro clip
• 2 title clips
• 7 custom transitions
• 11 stickers
• 2 background images

This SHAREfactory Theme can only be used with the SHAREfactory app for PS4™ and is NOT a Theme for your PS4 home screen.

Avatars include Uncharted 4 hero avatars for Drake, Sully, Flynn, Elena, Sam, Knot, and many more. Avatars are priced $ 0.49, while the Sharefactory is free.

Uncharted 4's multiplayer beta kicked off last Friday, and Sony released a new multiplayer trailer during their Playstation Experience last weekend. Access to the beta was included with pre-orders of The Nathan Drake Collection, which released on October 9 this year.