Uncharted 4 To Get Lost Treasures DLC Today, Patch 1.08 To Introduce Leveling System And More


Uncharted 4, the new entry of the popular series developed by Naughty Dog, has been released last month after quite a long wait, and most fans of the series already completed the game's excellent campaign. Thakfully, the game also comes with an engaging multiplayer mode that's keeping fans qute busy. If you're among these, you will be happy to know that more Uncharted 4 multiplayer features will become available later today.

In a few hours, Uncharted 4 will receive its first DLC pack called Lost Treasures. The pack includes the very first additional multiplayer ma, the Sunken Ruins Map, new gameplay teams such as new weapons and boosters, and new skins.

Sunken Ruins Map

As promised, all DLC Maps are included with purchase in U4 MP, and our first map is Sunken Ruins. You may recognize some areas from the single-player campaign, but the Sunken Ruins map is a small, fast-paced map with tight fronts and some hidden water flank routes.

Gameplay Items

You can now purchase DLC Gameplay Chests with Relics. These unique Chests will grant you all the new gameplay DLC items, including the new P90 Long Gun or the incredibly exciting Path of Indra Mystical that allows you to teleport your teammates. You will never get duplicates of any item you have already unlocked through our DLC Gameplay Chests.

Vanity Items

Some of the new items (there is a new skin for each character for example) present certain characters in in some fantastic Pirate and Military themes – who doesn’t want to play as Pirate Sullivan or Military Lazarevic? Our Character team put in a ton of time and love working on all these new Skins and it shows.

The new features included in the Lost Treasures DLC aren't the only new ones becoming available in Uncharted 4 today. A new patch, patch 1.08, also launches later today, introducing a new Level System and more

Patch 1.08

Level System

One of the most significant pieces of feedback we’ve received was that Uncharted 4 Multiplayer did not release with a Level System. We’re glad to say that we are addressing this in 1.08, which introduces a system that many of you will be familiar with. Our Level System features 70 levels, with each level awarding you with items ranging from Relics to Chests. Every 5 levels you will earn a vanity item that cannot be attained through any other method. They are unique and a great way to show off your veteran status. They are quite mystical, actually…
You will level up by earning XP which comes from three sources: completing matches, earning score, and earning medals. We have also introduced a wide variety of new medals into Team Deathmatch and Ranked

Team Deathmatch.

Ranked Team Deathmatch

The Multiplayer team at Naughty Dog is extremely competitive and this is a big reason we did a full revamp for Ranked Team Deathmatch Mode, which is also included in 1.08.
Ranked Team Deathmatch will now be occurring over the course of Seasons. Season One will last 60 days, ending on August 20, 2016. When the Season is over, we’ll take a short break before the next Season starts to allow us time to make and implement any changes and updates.

Uncharted 4 is now available in all regions exclusively on PS4. The Lost Treasures DLC and 1.08 patch will launch later today in all regions.