Ultimate GitOps Certification Bundle Is Up For A Massive Offer For A Couple Of Days – Avail Now

2021 Ultimate GitOps Certification Bundle

There are certain skills that you should always learn if you want to get ahead in your career and you want to stay up to date with the world of IT. Wccftech will help you with this, and we are offering a limited-time discount offer on the 2021 Ultimate GitOps Certification Bundle. The offer will expire in a couple of days, so avail it right away.

2021 Ultimate GitOps Certification Bundle Features

The bundle is massive and contains 11 courses. Each course will help you learn new skills. Here are highlights of what the 2021 Ultimate GitOps Certification Bundle has in store for you:

  • Kubernetes for the Absolute Beginners: Hands-On
    Learn Kubernetes in Simple, Easy & Fun Way with Hands-On Coding Exercise
  • Modern PHP Web Development with MySQL, GitHub & Heroku
    Develop Data-Drive Web Applications Using PHP & MySQL, Manage with GitHub and Deploy to Heroku
  • Microsoft SQL Server Development for Everyone
    Learn the Fundamentals of Database Design, Development & Querying Using Microsoft SQL Server
  • Learn Basic SQL with SQL Server Express
    Get a Feel for Writing Queries Using SQL Server Express 2019
  • Git & GitHub for Beginners: Practical Bootcamp
    Hands-On Practical Guide to Git & GitHub with Git Commands, Collaboration, Cheat-Sheet, and More
  • Git Essentials: The Step-by-Step Guide to Git & GitHub Mastery
    Master the Daily Git Workflow That Every Developer Uses
  • Kubernetes Certification Training for Absolute Beginners
    Learn Kubernetes & Container Orchestration from Ground Up
  • Git Essentials for Beginners
    Learn the Basics of Git & Become a Git Expert
  • Learn to Code with Python
    The Complete Python Bootcamp for 2021, Learn Python 3 From Beginner to Expert
  • The Quickest 2021 Guide to Develop Your Web without Code Skills
    Quickly Build Your Complete Web from a Template without Learning Code
  • Git & GitHub Version Control and Collaboration
    Discover How to Use Version Controls to Keep a Clean History of Your Project

Original Price 2021 Ultimate GitOps Certification Bundle: $2,200
Wccftech Discount Price 2021 Ultimate GitOps Certification Bundle: $34.99

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