Ubisoft Isn’t Giving Up on Ghost Recon Breakpoint; Developers Outline Overhaul Plan


Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot confirmed last week that the release of Ghost Recon Breakpoint had been a disappointment for the company, which led to the delay of other titles in development as the publisher doesn't want to repeat the experience.

That said, it doesn't mean Ubisoft is giving up on the game itself. The developers at Ubisoft Paris have published a detailed blog post that outlines their overhaul plan for Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Part of it will mean a return to the franchise roots, which hopefully means they're adding AI squadmates to Breakpoint.

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1. Technical State of the Game

Our first priority is to improve the technical state of the game. We know many players had a difficult time with game bugs and unexpected stability issues at launch and we are making every effort possible to address these issues as soon as we can.

With Title Update 1.0.2, released on October 15, our team made numerous improvements to the game, focusing on the most pressing issues that could be addressed in this timeframe. We are working on further improvements that will be coming soon with TU1.0.3 in mid-November, including fixes on the Drone deployment, on changing the fire rate, on NVGs blocking crosshairs and on the Mission Completion notification pop-up.

Title Update, coming around end-November, will include further improvements and updates on the most pressing community feedback.

Alongside this post is an update on the Known Issues of the game, and the highest priority issues.

2. Post-Launch Content

As we focus on improving the game, we also want you to know that our commitment does not stop here. We are dedicated to supporting Ghost Recon Breakpoint in the long term with plenty of post-launch content and special events to keep the world constantly growing and evolving.

You will get your first taste with Project Titan, our first ever Raid, which will release in December, and The Terminator Live Event, which will release shortly after that. In order to make sure we remain agile and flexible, we’ll come back to you with more details including specific release dates at a later stage.

3. In-game Economy

We also heard the criticism regarding the in-game economy. That is why we are currently working to make adjustments according to players’ feedback in the next few weeks, making the experience for players more comfortable.

4. AI Teammates

We announced at E3 2019 that AI Teammates would come back to Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and they will. Ghost Recon Breakpoint was designed from the ground up to be enjoyed in co-op up to four players, and as an innovative pure solo experience. As such, adding back AI Teammates to the game is a major undertaking that will still require time. We will update you as we progress towards their release.

5. Freedom of Choice

Finally, we are aware that some of the design choices made have caused polarized reactions and discussions regarding the direction taken by the Ghost Recon franchise.

We are happy to see players embracing the new elements of the game, but we also understand that there are areas of improvements. Some of you would like our new survival mechanics to have more impact on your experience, while others dislike the tiered loot progression we have added.

One of the key elements of our vision for Ghost Recon is to immerse our fans in a gritty and authentic military experience.

In line with this vision and the feedback we received, we are working on a more radical and immersive version of Ghost Recon Breakpoint. We also want to let you tailor your experience to the way you want to enjoy the game, since freedom of choice has always been part of the Ghost Recon DNA.

It’s still too early to share details on how that will work exactly, but it is top of mind for the team and we will keep you updated as we progress.