Ubisoft: Our DRM will continue to grow.

The company that bought you some of the best games such as the Splinter Cell series, the Prince of Persia series and Assassins Creed series to the PC, recently released a DRM for their newer games which makes having an active internet connection a must while playing their games, pirates took nearly 2 months before finally achieving a work around to Ubisoft's "perfect" DRM. Currently Assassins Creed 2, Silent Hunter 5 and Settlers 7 use this DRM.

Ubisoft recently commented that unlike Starforce they WILL keep their current DRM and continue to improve on it. The DRM proved effective once by stopping pirates for at least 2 months before they eventually got successful and actually cracked their "unbreakable" DRM. With a little more effort Ubisoft can make their DRM the ultimate DRM against pirates and once and for all achieve the developer dream "to have higher legit sales then pirated downloads".

Of course pirates are willing to take on the new challenge posed by Ubisoft and now only time will tell whether Ubisoft really does have an ace up their sleeve or are they just bluffing.

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