Blizzard calls Ubisoft DRM “Losing Battle”

Blizzard does not believe that Ubisoft is taking the right approach to counter piracy, Ubisoft's new DRM which is bundled in smash hit titles on the PC such as Assassins Creed 2 and Splinter Cell: Conviction require an uninterrupted internet connection which was a burden on even legit users, i always play single player games while downloading something big in the back ground. But alas turns out that downloading something in the background will make you lag horribly in Assassins Creed 2, Ubisoft blamed piracy for their low sales but in reality its their DRM that drew away even their legit customers.

Blizzard says that the secret to countering piracy is not a DRM but rather an incentive; something to motivate pirates to turn to the good side of the force; World of Warcraft is one of THE largest played online games, despite the fact that it has a $15 monthly fee. What can the possible reason be? The hours of fun squeezed into a 15GB game? the countless number of dungeons, raids and battlegrounds?

Those are some of the reasons of Blizzards tremendous success but it's also because 80% of World of Warcraft players are people who are playing along side with friends and family; Blizzard calls this their secret to counter piracy, it's no secret that their are free private servers out there but i have been there and done that. These private servers are slow, have low population, lots of bugs which destroy the fun of the game and there is no long term commitment with the server for these reasons.

I own my fair share of legit games on Steam and I have to say its money well spent, buying games legit saves you a lot of hassle; such as finding pirated updates, fixes etc. Most of my friends own similar games such as Team Fortress 2 and we all have hours of fun enjoying our selves where as the pirate users of the game have to wait for the cracked patch of the game which is normally a day or 2 of waiting.

Blizzard is right that the secret to countering piracy is not DRM but a healthy community of friends to play with is the true answer to it.

"If we've done our job right and implemented in a great way people will want to be connected while they're playing the single player campaign so they can stay connected to their friends on and earn the achievements on," Frank Pearce, Blizzard co-founder and executive producer on StarCraft II told

"The best approach from our perspective is to make sure that you've got a full-featured platform that people want to play on, where their friends are, where the community is," he added.

"That's a battle that we have a chance in. If you start talking about DRM and different technologies to try to manage it, it's really a losing battle for us, because the community is always so much larger, and the number of people out there that want to try to counteract that technology, whether it's because they want to pirate the game or just because it's a curiosity for them, is much larger than our development teams.

"We need our development teams focused on content and cool features, not anti-piracy technology."


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