Twitter Will Delete Inactive Accounts Starting December 11th


Some time ago, Twitter caused quite the ruckus by disabling all political ads on their platform. Today, Twitter announced that it will start deleting inactive accounts starting December 11th. Accounts that have not been signed into for six months will get the ax. If you have an old Twitter handle that you don't use anymore and want to hold on to, it's best that you log in to it. Don't worry though, the actual deletions will take place much later, so you have some time. You will, however, run into some trouble if you are unable to log in to your account.

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Users will receive an email asking them to log in to their account and follow the instructions on the screen. Just logging in will suffice, so you don't have to Tweet anything. Twitter states that they're doing this to "present more accurate, credible information" that people can rely on. It'll probably help users find accounts without having to wade through a sea of abandoned handles. Besides, Twitter could use a good purge.

There is one problem, however. Twitter handles of deceased users run the risk of getting shut down. Friends and families of the deceased often hold on to such accounts for sentimental reasons. Additionally, it is unclear as to how the changes will affect users who have been permanently booted off the platform. The person who created the thread said that he has reached out to Twitter for clarification about the aforementioned issues.

It isn't all bad, though. Once the purge starts, it would be an excellent time to get your hands on that elusive handle someone held on to for years. There are a lot of interesting ones that will very likely go up for grabs, as they've been inactive for fairly long. So, if you have a handle that you've been eyeing, keep a close watch on it starting December. You'll never know when it'll free up.